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ISO Low Price Light Steel Modular/Container/Movable House for Domitory/Office

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2016

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JSY-029Material:Sandwich Panel
Usage:Villa, Dormitories, Temporary OfficesCertification:ISO, CE, BV
Customized:CustomizedWarranty:20-Year Limited Warranty
Testimonial:"Smart,Professional Team"arityCh Drive:Large Amount Social Donation
Technical Innovation:Green TechnologyBuilding Code Adaptability:Suited for Local Building Code
Legitimacy:Under The Scrutiny of SatEngineering Resources:10 Architect Squad
Lifespan:More Than 30 YearsDelivery:30-45 Days
Size:20 FeetTrademark:JSY 
Specification:ISOOrigin:Hebei, China
HS Code:730890000

Product Description

You can use these kind of containers mostly on construction and residential sites, for a temporary space, site offices, accommodation, canteen, magazine, sanitation...
Whether you prefer a ground-level or multi-storey space solution, with our construction containers type STANDARD you got the flexibility to expand or reduce your site containers at any time.
Both series are available in different predetermined lengths and heights, and also in special sizes according to specific projects of investors.

FLAT PACK containers house are intended for use in distant locations are FLAT PACK container house in reduced transport dimensions. When compared to standard container house, FLAT PACK container house offer up to 4 times less transport space. The time for mountage on location (two persons ) is approximately 45 minutes.

As for 1 flat pack container house,its technical parameters are shown followed:
I.ISO standard dimensions of 20 feet STANDARD flat pack containers - optionally 10 up to 30 feet
lenght = 6.058 mm (optionally 3.048 - 9.100 mm)
width = 2.438 mm (optionally 3.000 mm)
exterior height = 2.591 mm (optionally 2.791 mm or 3100 mm)
inner height = 2.300 mm (optionally 2.500 mm or 2800 mm)

II.Standard container painting
option: on customer wish in RAL color
option: painted on customer wish in RAL color

III.Container floors:

IV.container floor opening for forklift
without forklift pockets
option: with forklift pockets for containers up to 7.335 mm
holes distance 1.506mm

V.Container roof construction

VI.container exterior wall and side panels

50 mm poliurethane panel, externally microcorrugated RAL 9002
internally smooth RAL 9010 (white)

option: 60 mm mineral wool, bothside plastificated in RAL 9002

option: 60 mm mineral wool, bothside plastificated in RAL 9002,
internally enriched chipboard 100 WHITE010 (white)

option: 80 mm poliurethane panel, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)

option: 100 mm poliurethane panel, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)

option: 100 mm mineral wool, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)

option: 120 mm mineral wool, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)

VII.container exterior and inner walls
PVC with polyurethane filling 40 mm, clear opening 79/202 cm

VIII..container windows and doors
option: windows without shutters
option: windows with shutters

IX.container isolation, coefficient of thermal resistance
floor - U = 0,37 W / m2k
roof - U = 0,39 W /m2k
wall panels - U = 0,41 W /m2k
windows - U = 2,40 W / m2k
X.container construction difference
ZINCED metal profyles 3 mm connected with scres                

Item Option
size optionally 10 up to 30 feet
lenght = 6.058 mm (optionally 3.048 - 9.100 mm)
width = 2.438 mm (optionally 3.000 mm)
exterior height = 2.591 mm (optionally 2.791 mm or 3100 mm)
inner height = 2.300 mm (optionally 2.500 mm or 2800 mm)

painting on customer wish in RAL color option: painted on customer wish in RAL color
container roof construction 50+40mm PU PANEL ZINCED STEEL PLATE COVER 0.6mm;100mm MINERAL WOOL;STEEL 40*80mm;PVC foil vapour barrier;Enriched white chipboard 10mm
container exterior wall and side panels
container exterior wall and side panels
50 mm poliurethane panel, externally microcorrugated RAL 9002
internally smooth RAL 9010 (white)
option: 60 mm mineral wool, bothside plastificated in RAL 9002
option: 60 mm mineral wool, bothside plastificated in RAL 9002, internally enriched chipboard 100 WHITE010 (white)
option: 80 mm poliurethane panel, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)
option: 100 mm poliurethane panel, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)
option: 100 mm mineral wool, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)
option: 120 mm mineral wool, bothside plasticated steel plate RAL 9010 (white)
container exterior and inner walls
container exterior and inner walls
PVC with polyurethane filling 40 mm, clear opening 79/202 cm

container window and doors  windows without shutters  windows with shutters
container isolation,coefficient of thermal resistance floor - U = 0,37 W / m2k
roof - U = 0,39 W /m2k
wall panels - U = 0,41 W /m2k
windows - U = 2,40 W / m2k

container floor opening for forklift
without forklift pockets option: with forklift pockets for containers up to 7.335 mm
holes distance 1.506mm