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Mobile Low Cost Container House

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2016

we are specialist in Prefabricated House, Modular House and Movable house. We have a Technology Team that can meet any request from you. All those prefabricated house can be produced in our own factory, so we can give you the most competitive price with the best quality.



Materials Introduction of container house: 

1. The container box house adopt the steel structure frame design, with prefect stability, the wind resistance capacity can be more than 210km / h, and the Seismic resistance capacity can be more than 8 Grade. This container house is consist of chassis, housetop, and wall system


2. The wall system is made of sandwich panel, and the core material for this is kind of sandwich panel have EPS/Mineral wool/PU, etc., the thickness is from 50mm to 100mm., the steel sheet is made from colored steel ( the Pattern can be optional).The roof and floor are prefabricated at our factory, is made the installment easier. The roof is adopt the overall design, it has enhanced the air tightness, and water-resistance.


3. This kind of container house is made according to the size of shipping container , it can be composed of 1-3 floors of multi-housing in the horizontal and vertical space. The Stairs, doors, windows, partition position and dimensions can be diversification, meeting the more requirements of customer, and the interior decoration can be produced according to customer demands. 


Competitive Advantage:

1.Safety and reliable lightweight steel construction system


2.The Building Block Game: It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, you can install the house just like playing the Block Game. One worker can assemble 40-50 square meters in 8 hours, also you can build the house just follow our video. 


3.Flexible for Layout, Doors, windows and indoor partition can be design as your request.


4.Long Service Time: All the Steel structure are galvanized, it is good in anti-corrosion, anti-rust. Usually the house can service about 20 years. 


5.Strictly sealing, thermal insulation, water, fire and moisture resistant


6.Attractive appearance of the prefabricated house: The apprearance is very nice , also Our technology team can make design that suitable for any market



7.Very Strong Structure: We have tested it before, the house can resist heavy wind of 150Km/h and 8.0 grade earthquakes


8.Quality Warranty for the prefab house: We have Inspection Team that can service to our client directly,they will check the quality for our client before shipping.



 9.So we try to make sure the quality is the same just like the client is in our factory. 





Our Client can used our house as 


1.Villa House, Family Homes, Labour Dormitory, School, Restaurant, Hotel, Office, Shop,


2.Camp House, Traveling House, Doghouse industrial steel structure warehouse, Steel workshop


3.Hangar, garage, chicken shed, container house, prefabricated home, shed, Exhibition Hall


4.Office buildings, Garage, Multi-story building, agricultral storage, Logistic centers 


5.Company office, Dining halls, Dormitories, Hospitals, Saloons, Entertainment centers


6.Family house for low income people, Temporary homes for disaster area, Holiday and vocation house




Answer for house steel box house:

 1. Q: What is the advantage of this steel structure system house (compare with the traditional brick house)?

    A: Long lifetime; Good earthquake proof, Green and energy saving; Fast and easy to install etc……

2. Q: What is lifetime for your houses?

    A: The durable for structure is more than 70 years.

3. Q: What is the intensity and thickness for your steel structure material?

    A: All our steel structure intensity are S550. We can provide 0.75mm,0.95mm,1.15mm steel material.

4. Q: How about your production equipment and structure design software?

A: Our production equipment are the most advanced import from America.

Our structure design software also import from abroad-PRO DESIGN.

5. Q: What are the main technical data of your houses?

    A: We can send you the detailed infos by mail for you.