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Analysis On The Present Situation And Future Development Of Activity Housing Industry

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2017

      Activity room market is huge, many manufacturers, each city has dozens of activities room manufacturers, how many manufacturers stand out, a firm foothold is the cause of many activities, the problem of headache manufacturers. For now, the activity room prices are stable, the material prices are relatively stable, but the labor costs have gradually increased, so relatively speaking, the activities of the room manufacturers to reduce the profits, so that in order to ensure the growth of profits, companies need to spend more Kung Fu used to fight for customers to fight for orders, and strive to expand the volume of transactions to achieve the purpose of profit growth.

The current total price trend of the moving room in the slow down, the current overall economic downturn, many small manufacturing long have closed down, a lot of money into other industries. From the development trend, the active housing market is on the rise of the state, a lot of money began to invest in the activities of the housing market, increase competition in the activities of the room, in order to compete for market share, many manufacturers to take the means of price promotions, making the entire housing market Price reduction. In particular, the active housing market, due to lower barriers to entry, the activities of the manufacturer in particular, more intense competition, the price fluctuations are relatively large.

For the container activity room market, the competition is relatively small, the current container activity room most of the business is leasing business, requiring manufacturers to have a lot of money to deal with large-scale back to the period of time, so that the capital threshold to a lot of investors On the outside.

I believe that many people who want to use and use the activities of the people want to know the scope of activities in which the use of this is a lot of friends want to know the activities of the room in many areas are used because the activities of the economy, environmental protection, Because of these characteristics, the activity room is being widely used in more and more occasions and the wide use of the activity room, but also to the activities of the room to what extent to use!

Due to the weight of the activities of the light structure of simple wind resistance is weak, we must choose the regular manufacturers to install, so that the wind from the problem will also play a good role.Second color steel room if the use of polystyrene sandwich panels Then should pay attention to fire .For example: not near the wall for welding construction, winter heating stove should be installed fire protection device, indoor lines should be used when laying metal pipe. Metal pipe should be reliable grounding or the use of refractory pipe in addition to the need to pass through the wall Should also be used to protect the casing, the need for waterproofing of the roof is strictly prohibited in the use of materials on the torch! Finally, after the completion of the construction to see the various parts of the connection reinforcement situation. Look at the light steel structure housing should pay attention to purlon models not too small Only through a step by step carefully meticulous stitching to build, so that our color plate activities room will live more comfortable and more secure, so for our daily life will be more helpful.