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Introduction Of Architectural Style Of Residential Villa

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

      From the architectural form, the appearance of villas has already broken the boundaries of the region and the country, the world's outstanding Villa architecture in China's villa market almost all reflect. But nowadays, due to the influence of Western culture and the history of modern humiliation, the Chinese nation's modern villas are more and more admired by the European and American style, and the villas of Chinese style are almost extinct. In fact, the architectural style of the division from the architectural theory is very complex, but according to the domestic market, there are now more popular in the market there are roughly several kinds.Residential Villa
      The Art of Chinese Garden architecture is the most characteristic in the world culture, and it is an important part of Chinese traditional culture to develop with other categories of Chinese traditional culture. Residential Villa
      It has undergone a more than 2000-year history of development process, has a very rich literary and aesthetic connotations. Japanese style design style directly affected by Japan and the type of building, pay attention to the flow and separation of space, flow is a room, separated by a few functional space, the space can always let people think quietly, Zen meaning infinite. Traditional Japanese-style home will be a large number of natural materials used in the decoration of the bedroom, decoration, not advocating luxury luxury, resplendent, with elegant temperance, deep zen meaning as the realm, pay attention to the actual function.Residential Villa
     The development of the North American style in China, more reflected in the villa this industry, North American Villa developed into both a simple atmosphere, and a variety of architectural essence and a unique style, fully embodies the simple and generous, relaxed characteristics, living very human, in the villa market is very popular, into the Villa market today, the North American style still occupies the dominant position of the market.Residential Villa