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Phenolic Composite Floor Material

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

                Phenolic composite flooring is the use of pultrusion process once forming a cross-section of the whole plate, the surface is closed, the back position strengthens the structure, through the assembly, can be composed of different width sizes of phenolic composite flooring, phenolic composite flooring surface for non-slip sand surface treatment. Phenolic composite flooring has a higher impact resistance performance, long-term use does not occur similar to the pultrusion grid cover plate delamination and shedding phenomenon, use more secure.

                Phenolic composite FRP flooring features;Floor Material

               (1) Corrosion-resistant: Phenolic composite flooring has excellent corrosion resistance, the ability to different levels of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts, and many other gas, liquid medium,Floor Material

                (2) Lightweight high-strength: Phenolic pultruded FRP flooring is the glass fiber, continuous felt, surface felt and other reinforcing materials through the phenolic resin infiltration heating pultrusion molding. The high glass fiber content (above 70%) makes the unidirectional ratio strength and ratio stiffness quite prominent.

               (3) Fire retardant: Phenolic composite flooring can fully meet the relevant international standards requirements, such as the British Standard bs476 sixth, article seventh, on the requirements of the building code, and can achieve its prescribed level of 0 level; ASTM 84 the 1-level standard requirements for wind tunnel tests, standard requirements for French standard M1 and F1, standard requirements for fire-resistant phenolic gratings for German standard din131, and the requirements of the British Standard bs6853 in the first category, about the critical temperature of smog, and so on.Floor Material

                (4) Anti-impact and Anti-Fatigue: Phenolic pultruded FRP Flooring has a high impact strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation, with moderate elasticity, so that the long-term work on the staff feel comfortable.

               (5) Non-slip: Phenolic composite flooring surface through the binder sand to increase the extra non-slip effect.

               (6) Anti-Aging: Phenolic pultruded FRP Flooring selection of high-quality phenolic resin, glass fiber system manufacturing, to ensure that the product life of more than 30 years. After exposure to the atmosphere, although the appearance of change, but 20 years after the strength can remain more than 95%.Floor Material