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Residential Villas

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 09, 2017

                Villas, improved residences, garden houses for recuperation in suburban or scenic areas. is a dwelling place outside the home for the enjoyment of life, which is a second home rather than a first place. It is now widely recognized that, in addition to the basic functions of "living" the dwelling, more mainly embodies the quality of life and the enjoyment of the characteristics of the senior residence, the modern meaning of the independent garden-style residence, are independent into.Residential Villa

                That is, it is a dwelling place which is used to enjoy living outside the house, and it is a second home rather than a first place. Traces its origin, and does not have a clear time starting point, our country ancient times also very early appeared the villa, the big has the Imperial Palace, will phase the mansion, the small has the merchant giant Jia landlord Squire's villa, the manor. Villas in foreign countries has a long history, the western sense of the villa is mainly to master the foreign Industrial Revolution after the development of the concept. According to its geographical location and function of different, but also divided into: Mountain villas (including forest villas), water (river, lake, sea) villas, pastures (grasslands) villas, manor-style villas and so on.Residential Villa

                More built in the suburbs or scenic areas, ancient China called Villa, the Museum, 3rd century, the Italian hillside villa appeared step-style villas. China's Western Jin Dynasty villa, such as Luoyang Chong Gold Valley Villas. In addition, the famous villas of the Tang Dynasty were Wang Chuan Villa, the humble political garden of Suzhou in the Ming Dynasty, the Golden Shan Villa of Hangzhou in Qing Dynasty and the Spoon Garden in Beijing. The most characteristic villas in modern times are: Wright-designed water villas, Corbusier villa, etc. Villa design points are: Due to the scene, local conditions, flexible layout, lightweight, simple structure.Residential Villa