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The Architectural Form Of A Residential Villa

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

   Single-family villa that is unique, there is an independent space, under the private garden territory, is a strong private property of the villa, the performance of the upper and lower left and right are all independent space, the general housing area has a range of green space, courtyard The This type is the oldest villa one of the kind, private strong, the market price is higher, but also the ultimate form of villa architecture.Residential Villa

     Shuangpin Villa It is the middle of the villa between the villa and the single-family villa, by the two units of the villa puzzle composition of the single villa. The more popular 2-PAC villa in the United States is a double villa. Reduced community density increases the residential lighting surface, giving it a wider outdoor space. Shuangpin villa is basically three sides of the light, the outer room usually have more than two of the lighting surface, in general, more windows, ventilation will not be bad, it is important to light and view.Residential Villa

     Townhouse Townhouse has its own yard and garage. Consists of three or more units of residential, a row of two to four layers together, each several units share the external walls, a unified graphic design and independent portals. Townhouse Villa is one of the most affordable villas taking the form.Residential Villa

    It is an extension of Townhouse's stacking, which is a combination of villas and apartments, which are made up of multi-storey villa-style houses. Generally four to seven layers, from two to three floors per unit of the villa apartment up and down from the superposition of this interval and the townhouse compared to the independent surface modeling can be rich, while a certain extent, to overcome the shortcomings of the townhouse narrow into the deep The

    The air villa originated in the United States, known as the "penthouse" or "air loft" originally refers to the center of the city, high-level luxury. General understanding is built in the apartment or high-rise building with a villa at the top of the large duplex / leap-type residential, leap-style residential. Requirements of products meet the basic requirements of the villa landscape, good location, vision, transparent and so on.Residential Villa

    From the architectural point of view, the appearance of the villa shape has long been breaking the geographical and national boundaries, the world's outstanding villa architectural style in China's villa market almost all reflected. But today, due to the influence of Western culture, and the history of modern humiliation led to the disappearance of the Chinese nation's self-confidence, today's villas and more respected European and American style, Chinese-style villas almost disappeared.Residential Villa