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The Importance Of Public Facilities In The Current Construction And Development

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

      The problem of public facilities in urban communities has not been taken seriously in the past. In the planned economy period, the private space and the public space are almost the same, before the old Society Existence's Guild Hall, the teahouse in 1949 almost all is silent, the community public space is shrinking, reduces the state, the community public facilities construction has been living low level state.Public Facilities

      Of course, this pattern is also compatible with the closed society, because in the closed-end society, everything according to the rules and the old procedures, people to participate in the opportunity to exchange less, the public space requirements lower. China began to reform and opening up, the society gradually entered the open society from closed, people demand more opportunities for exchanges, exchanges and participation, hope that the public space can be larger, more, and further change the past public life and private life of the pattern. Adapting to this requirement, in the reform process, the Government has gradually clarified its position of responsibility, and increased the input to public products.Public Facilities

     After entering the new century, the construction of modern public government has become the main content and goal of the reform system of urban government administration, in this context, the urban community government has also taken place 5 big transformations: from the management-oriented government to the service-oriented government, from the interest government to the neutral government change.Public Facilities

     From the all-powerful government to the limited government, from the mysterious government to transparent government, from the power of government to the responsible government change. In the new system of government administration, urban community government, as a public management organization, is one of the main tasks of integrating community public resources, investing in public finance or providing community public goods including public facilities, adding new public facilities to meet the needs of community members for public facilities Public Facilities

    Make the urban community government become the public administrative type government truly, achieves the community government for the community, implements and achieves the three representative important thought and the people-oriented scientific development view request in the practical level. If this is not done well, elected community leaders may be ousted. This is the institutional background of public facilities in urban communities.Public Facilities