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The Scale And Construction Of Public Facilities

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

     Large-scale modern public buildings; bathroom, design concept, concealed water tank, same-layer drainage system, suspended-mounted inductive flushing device, large modern public buildings, such as airport terminals, theatres, museums, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, commercial centers, etc., often is a city's landmark building, is a city external window, Represents the image of a city.Public Facilities

     These buildings are usually large-scale, decorated luxury, a wide range of people. Architects often focus only on the appearance of the building, lobby, atrium and other key parts of the effect, but the embodiment of human civilization progress of one of the bathrooms but lack of enough attention, put it in the most obscure corners; The design idea of the new modern public building toilet should be formed gradually in the thinking of the architect and the water engineer, and run through the engineering practice in time.Public Facilities

    With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the concept of life has changed greatly. The bathroom is no longer a place for satisfying physiological needs, it should be an oasis of relaxation, cleanliness and physical recovery. Large modern public buildings are the windows of the city's external communication, and the toilets of these buildings often dictate how people are impressed by the places they visit. Public Facilities

    A common feature of large-scale modern public buildings is the large flow of people and the high frequency of toilet use. The author thinks that the design concept of toilets in large modern public buildings should be composed of health, water saving, comfort and damage prevention.Public Facilities