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Two Principles Of Public Facilities Design

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 09, 2017

                Public facilities are public goods or equipment provided by the Government for public enjoyment or use by the community. According to economics, public facilities are public goods provided by public governments. In terms of sociology, public facilities are facilities for meeting people's public needs (such as facilitation, safety, participation) and public space choices, such as public administration facilities, public information facilities, public health facilities, public sports facilities, public cultural facilities, public transport facilities, public education facilities, public facilities, public housing estates and so on. Urban public facilities are different from rural public facilities, specifically, urban public facilities refer to urban sewage treatment system, urban waste (including excrement) treatment system, City Road, City Bridge, port, municipal facilities rescue and maintenance, City Square, city street Lamp, Signpost, City air defense empty facilities, urban greening, City Scenic area, city park and so on. Urban public facilities are charged for fees or not, and there are no fees or charges. From the spatial distribution, there are three kinds of public facilities, regional public facilities and neighbourhood public facilities.Public Facilities

                Systematic principle: Usually, in public rest areas, or in the vicinity of public seats should be disposed of trash bins, and the number of bins should match the number of public seats, too many will cause waste, and too few will induce random littering behavior.It can be seen that there is a certain matching relationship between the public seat and the dustbin. Again, such as the relatively concentrated public lighting facilities around the fitness facilities, the role of guiding the use of the crowd. And the lack of such a centralized lighting of public facilities, due to lack of guidance, security and interactivity, at night the use rate is relatively low. In fact, not only that, such as sanitation facilities, leisure facilities, convenience facilities, fitness facilities and other public facilities system, they have a natural matching between and within the relationship, which can be summed up in the design of the systematic principle.Public Facilities

                The principle of uniqueness: As mentioned earlier, public facilities have an important role in promoting the appearance of city cityscape, with good function and graceful public facilities, while satisfying the function needs, it also has the function of aesthetic education. Therefore, the aesthetic of public facilities design can not be ignored, after all, there is no irreconcilable contradiction between good function and beautiful appearance, a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing public facility can not only improve the frequency of its use effectively, but also enhance public awareness of public facilities, protect public environment, enhance civic sense of belonging and participation, and, after all, the public environment of civilization should also be the public environment of the United States.Public Facilities