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Types And Maintenance Of Floor Material

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more families decorate the choice of solid wood flooring. It has good stability and less pollution. But there are many kinds of solid wood flooring, tree species are different, suitable for paving the area is not the same. Look, your home is more suitable for what kind of wood flooring material.Floor Material

The solid wood flooring is the ground decoration material formed after drying and processing. It presents the natural wood texture and color patterns, giving the natural, soft, rich affinity of the texture, and because it is warm in winter and cool in summer, the characteristics of good touch make it into the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material. Boots Wood beans: Commonly known as zebra Wood, origin of Africa; the characteristics of coarse texture, with a wide band stripes, good corrosion resistance, can resist termites, insects, the grip of nails, adhesive and finishing performance is good.Floor Material

American wood Beans: commonly known as African teak; the characteristics of uniform and delicate materials, small shrinkage, stable performance, humidity-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial, insect, termite, marine biological invasion. Commonly known as Jade Tan, origin of Southeast Asia, the characteristics of material weight, hardness, high strength, flexibility, structure, fine uniformity, dry slow, less cracking, corrosion resistance, insect-eaten, wear-resistant, stable performance.Floor Material

The market price of rosewood is about 400 yuan/sq. m. Wood floor Construction basic knowledge use wood keel fixed wood floor construction is in drying equipment, drying technology, moisture-proof insulation anti-corrosion materials are relatively backward under the conditions of common floor-laying methods, in the drying technology, drying equipment is very advanced, the variety of materials today to see there are many ills. Installation of cost-cutting materials, noise, the installation of wood flooring is easy to produce many problems. Single-layer solid wood flooring complaints the most content is tile deformation, dry cracks, moving noise. The use of Single-layer solid wood flooring tile deformation phenomenon is most of the appearance in the hall, why in the hall appear in the bedroom and not in or less appear?Floor Material

Why do the houses and the halls of the old building, which have been completed for several years, also deform the plates? Why is the spread of a layer of plastic film or a layer of moisture-proof film will still appear tile deformation phenomenon? Most people are baffled by this. The use of wood flooring tile deformation phenomenon is mainly due to the board surface coating has been the wood of multi-layer paint has been closed, multilayer paint film has a certain degree of hardness on the surface to produce a stable tensile force, the bottom of the plate suction wave swelling, the size of the plate has not changed.Floor Material