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Villa For Holiday Village Are Usually Furnished

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Stone room, 2 rooms (13 presidential suites), office, stables, tennis courts, 2 outdoor swimming pools, bowling room, indoor squash room, 3 indoor pool, 50 seats private cinema, library, wine cellar, Breakfast room and banquet hall. There are two bedrooms on the top floor of the two rooms, a kitchen and a jacuzzi, and a terrace with a huge swimming pool. The master room is equipped with a lift to the downstairs pool. There are also 8 en suite rooms The Villa For Holiday Village

In addition to the staggering super-large volume, but also with the general mansion is not common emergency shelter, high intelligent home system, can park eight luxury car garage, as well as automatic heating marble driveway. But the most tempted buyers, than this luxury villa with its own heliport and helicopter landing Ping. It can be seen, extremely luxurious and magnificent, so that the Queen living in Buckingham Palace can not help dwarfs. More known as the world's most luxurious villa.Villa For Holiday Village

The resort has designed this seaside apartment called Cocoon House. The designer's inspiration comes from the cocoon, the irregular spherical structure on both sides of the geometric architecture is surrounded by the chic and interesting. With the external image, the indoor walls are also smooth and rounded state, from the nearby forest procurement of natural logs decorated most of the indoor, three-dimensional space open and spacious. Open and round windows, open-air swim machines, terrace balconies, etc. offer a variety of unique angles to watch and enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons, reflecting the leisure, comfortable design.Villa For Holiday Village