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Waterproofing Characteristics Of Floor Material

JSY Modular House Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

     Preferred business history, well-known brand manufacturers of products: Waterproof wood flooring is a high technology content products, from the appearance, not easy to distinguish between quality and bad, must pass the floor quality inspection. Well-known brands generally through the market operation test, in the minds of consumers have set a good image.Floor Material

      Not only to ensure product quality and be responsible for laying installation, durability, more major after-sales service has a guarantee, free of customer worries. Cheap floors may be cheaper, but their service life may be shorter, and there is a lack of after-sale protection.Floor Material

     Choose wear-resistant rotary number: Waterproof wood floor wear resistance depends mainly on the surface aluminium content, a certain number of wear-resistant aluminium content corresponding to certain. For home use of the floor wear-resistant rotary number is usually 6000 or more, and in office buildings and other places usually choose more than 9000.

     Free Formaldehyde release: Waterproof wood flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if the country exceeds the specified value of the index (1.5mg/l) will be harmful to the human body. Floor Material

     In the selection of the most suitable for the use of national environmental protection signs certified products or exemption products. Anti-(resistance) water performance: Anti (resistance) water-based water absorption thickness of the index reflected, the index is high, waterproof, that is, in the humid environment easily cause size changes. Must not listen to waterproof flooring and other misleading, only moisture-proof flooring is not waterproof wood floor. Floor Material